Supports healthy growth and immune system function.Aids with calcium absorption in the body, that maintains normal bone structure.Lysine cannot be adequately produced in the body toàn thân and must be obtained through diet.

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Product Description

Lysine is an essential amino acid that the body toàn thân cannot produce, so it must be obtained thru food or supplements. It has a myriad of benefits that range from improving calcium absorption, preventing cold soresto reducinganxietyand promoting wound healing.

Bio Island"s Lysine Step up for Youth contains the essential amino acid lysine, lớn help support healthy growth và immune system function.

Active Ingredients

Each tablet contains:

Lysine Hydrochloride 312.5mg

Equiv. To Lysine 250mg

Directions For Use

Children aged 6-8 yrs: Take 1 tablet daily

9-13 yrs:Take 2 tablets daily

14-24 yrs:Take 3 tablets daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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**Take with meals.

About Bio Island

Since 2008 Bio Island, created và operated by JBX Pty Ltd based in Sydney has been dedicated lớn providing with nutritional supplements and health foods. They are passionate about their mynhanke.mobimitment to lớn daily health, that encourages happiness & wellbeing from a wide range of health products suitable for the whole family, through our kids, adults and lifestyle ranges.

With their locally basedmanufacturing and their aim not to lớn mynhanke.mobipromise on quality, our products continue khổng lồ retain their guaranteed unique that you expect of & love about them.

Bio Island have always taken great pride in selecting premium ingredients and offering a hàng hóa range that is proudly made locally in australia and expanding their production also to lớn New Zealand & Germany.

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