Đề thi tuyển sinh lớp 10 môn anh năm 2014


Đã tất cả giải đáp đề mynhanke.mobi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh năm học tập năm trước - năm ngoái từ thầy cô giáo, những em tìm hiểu thêm dưới đây.

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Đề mynhanke.mobi môn Tiếng Anh vào lớp 10 TPHồ Chí Minh năm 2014 chủ yếu thức


Khoá ngày 21 mon 06 năm 2014 tại TP..HCM

Moân mynhanke.mobi : ANH VĂN Thời gian: 60 phút (xung quanh thời hạn giao đề)

Xem câu trả lời phía dưới

I. Choose the word/ phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the space in each sentence. (2.5 pts)

1.- “Do you like watching the news. Thang?” – “___________. It’s very informative sầu.”

A. Yes, I vị B. Not really C. No, I don’t D. Quite the opposite

2. Plastic bags seem good for carrying mynhanke.mobings. _________, people carelessly throw them away after use.

A. Because B. However C. Although D. Therefore

3. An anthem is a tuy nhiên which is sung _______ special occasions.

A. of B. at C. on D. in

4. It was the world’s ________ volcanic eruption in more than 50 years.

A. large B. larger C. the largest D. largest

5. The năm trước UN Day of Vesak attracted thousands of Buddhists from nearly 100 countries ________ the world.

A. on B. at C. around D. above

6. In the afternoon, when Tam _______ his homework, he helps Mr.Brown on the farm.

A. takes B. completes C. does D. makes.

7. Mr.Bao said , “I am so ________ of having been a Dien Bien Phu soldier.”

A. interested B. excited C. proud D. keen

8. They _________ go fishing offshore if they had a bigger boat.

A. can B. may C. could D. will

9. “To the ____________ me lớn love sầu mynhanke.mobis country.”

A. person teaches B. man that teach C. one who teaches D. who teaching

10. – “_______” - “But Grandma, the forecast says it’ll be sunny.”

A. Remember the new words by heart B. Let’s eat out

C. Let me go shopping D. Don’t forget lớn bring along a raincoat

II. Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting. (0,5 pt)

11.Plastic is make from natural gases & petroleum – a mynhanke.mobiông chồng oil that people remove sầu from the earth.


12. The festival was an opportunity lớn tighten solidarity and friendly lớn make a better society.



Xem thêm: Bộ Câu Hỏi Và Đáp Án Môn Tâm Lý Học Quản Lý Học, Câu Hỏi Ôn Thi Có Đáp Án Môn Tâm Lý Học Quản Lý

Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage. (1,5pts)

If you ask me about the person who has the most influence on my life, I must (13)________ you it is my father. You ask me what I mynhanke.mobink about my father. Great! great! My father is the best person in the world. Do you know what I (14)_____ ? He is a considerate & generous man who is loved not only by his family (15)______ by all his friends. His great sense of humor (16)_______ hlặng from others. To his colleagues, he is a (17)_____ man who is always helpful và creative sầu in his job. In a word, my father’s terrific! I’m so happy khổng lồ have hyên as a friover, an advisor, và (18)_____ a father. I love hyên ổn so much. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

13. A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk

14. A. suppose B. expect C. believe D. mean

15. A. but also B. and also C. but as well D. & neither

16. A. amuses B. takes C. prevents D. distinguishes

17. A. hard-work B. working- hard C. hard-working D. work-hard

18. A. besides B. almost C. above all D. at least

Chú ý: Thí sinch chỉ ghi mẫu tự A, B, C, hoặc D vào ô trả lời

IV. Read the passage, then decide if the statements that follow it are True or False.  (1.0 pt)

The ao dai, the traditional dress of Vietnamese women, has a long history. In the early 17th century, Vietnamese clomynhanke.mobing designers made changes to lớn the kiến mynhanke.mobiết of the traditional Chinese costume, creating the primitive forms of the present ao dai. mynhanke.mobis creativity showed Vietnam’s strong sense of independence. The ao dai, with different designs and materials, was traditionally worn by both men & women. Over the years, despite the coming of western clomynhanke.mobing for more convenience in daily activities of modern life, the ao dai has been there to lớn stay. Therefore, Vietnamese women go on wearing mynhanke.mobis quality dress, which is both traditional and fashionable và which conveys our rich culture khổng lồ the world. 

19. The ao dai had its start at the beginning of the 17th century.

20. Vietnamese ao dai và Chinese dresses are exactly the same.

21. Both men và women wore the ao dai inVietphái nam many years bachồng.

22. Although a little inconvenient in modern life, the ao dai is uniquely fashionable.

Thí sinch viết đầy đủ trường đoản cú True hoặc False vào ô vấn đáp.

Mọi cách viết khác đa số không được chấm điểm.

V. Use the correct khung of the word given in each sentence . (1.5 pts)

23. The drivers have sầu left lots of garbage on the ground after their ________________ (refresh)

24. One of the mynhanke.mobings that make our country ______________is the EastSea. (beauty)

25. The _______________ were disappointed that people had spoiled the area. (environmental)

26. That industrial country is seeking and exploiting ______________ resources khổng lồ satisfy its dem&. (nature)

27. To attkết thúc the course, you first need khổng lồ pass our ___________ Vietnamese chạy thử. (speaking)

28. The fishing boat was______________ damaged in the storm. (bad)


VI. Use the correct tense or size of the verb given in each sentences. (1.0 pt)

29. If the weather __________ bad tomorrow, we will not go camping. (be)

30. You should take part in _________ used paper and cans for recycling. (collect)

31. No one _______ picnic lunches for us yet . (provide)

32. I can also _________ with my friends by means of e-mails. (communicate) 

VII. Rewrite each of the following sentences in another way so that it means almost the same as the sentence printed before it. ( 2.0 pts)

33. It’s a pity I don’t have more time for my hobby.

à I wish__________________________________________________________________

34. Why don’t you make posters on energy saving?

à I suggest that you_________________________________________________________

35. “We are keen on web1_setting out khổng lồ sea again,” said the fishermen.

à The fishermen said that____________________________________________________

36. They began using that computer threemonths ago.

à That computer has________________________________________________________ 

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