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Bạn đang đọc: King of prism by pretty rhythm

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The unit Over The Rainbow succeeds in its debut. Aiming to lớn become like the boy band, more students enroll in Edel Rose. Hiro và the others begin practice for the Prism King Cup, an sự kiện that is held once every four years. However, a rival called "Schwarz Rose" appears... Who will become the Prism King, the one who can make girls' hearts throb the most!?(Source: ANN)

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"Dramatic LOVE" by Shin Ichijou (Junta Terashima), Suzuno Yuu (Yuuma Uchida), Yukinojou Tachibana (Soma Saito), Kakeru Juuouin (Taku Yashiro), Leo Saionji (Takuma Nagatsuka), and Minato Takahashi (Masahi Igarashi)
If you enjoy Yaoi/Otome fanservice, pretty boys, cheesy over-the-top humor, or just enjoy a good musical with dancing (primarily ice-skating dances), you would probably love this.I must say that this movie is definitely not for everyone. If you are watching & hoping for a deep & dramatic thriller of a story, this is definitely not a strong point of the movie. It is primarily musical, fanservice, silliness, và the happiness of friendship & sparkles. Not much drama aside from two of the guys' pasts, saying goodbye, and possible foreshadowing of the sequel. Now, even though the story itself is weak, that does not mean it is without feeling. It does get a bit emotional later in the movie. There are also obvious implications of there being a planned sequel at the ending, which could possibly be darker.The art is very pretty. There are some times where the 3 chiều can be a little bit awkward in either the body toàn thân movement or facial expressions. The facial expressions in 3 chiều could use more movement, but it wasn't too bad in my opinion. The dance animation was pretty much flawless, though their faces could be really cheesy-looking, but it was probably intentional for humor. After all, Prism Shows are meant lớn make you smile!It feels a bit like it was made for a younger female teen audience, perhaps maybe even pre-teens, but at the same time it has plenty of fanservice (such as nudity, ropes, and a butt-touch) seemingly aimed at those who you would imagine to lớn be older teens or young-adults. Some of the songs are from older 90's music artists such as TRF, which also is very nostalgic for anyone familiar with it.I would absolutely recommend this khổng lồ you if you enjoyed titles such as "Osomatsu-san", "Uta No Prince-sama", and "Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!", as they nội dung a similar humor style & cater to Yaoi/Otome fans. I think that if you like musicals enough, you may lượt thích it even just for that, because the music and dance are really well-done.

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