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Jothi Vilas Pure Veg

If you find yourself on the Samudra beach, looking for pure vegetarian, nay, Jain food, come to Jothi Vilas Pure Veg resto. It serves up food so good that even the non-vegetarians are swept of th... More

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Shanti Vegan Café

In a thành phố where the restaurant scene thrives on meat-based preparations, finding a vegetarian, nay, even a vegan meal may look lượt thích a wild goose chase. But, (surprise, surprise) there is a place ... More


Best Western Premier The Terrace Hotel

This vintage retreat, nay, a mansion turned into hotel, offers unthinkably beautiful rooms. And, that’s not all! Inside, this Victorian & Edwardian era-styled property is furnished lớn high leve... More


Amarnath Yatra cancelled; tourists in Kashmir asked lớn leave

In major news, the Amarnath Yatra has been cancelled; it was originally intended lớn be on till August 15 this year. Reportedly, security concerns have led to lớn the cancellation. All the travellers ... More


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Your route map for a spiritual quest in Myanmar

When there is offbeat on your mind, there is no skipping Myanmar & the spiritual wonders that it holds. The country lies just across the Indian border, giving you more reasons to lớn pack your bags... More


Five Star J Vegetarian Restaurant

This little gem boasts a thực đơn that die-hard vegans & vegetarians would certainly approve. If you want to lớn know how it is like eating vegan food, nay, really good vegan food in Pattaya, go figure

Indians will now get visa-on-arrival in Myanmar

Good news for Indian travellers, as Myanmar visa on arrival các mục of countries now includes India. Myanmar travel could get a lot easier for tourists from India soon, as the country is going lớn gr... More

Silver Sands Beach Resort

Warm hospitality và premium facilities at easy pocket friendly prices are the hallmarks of Silver Sands Beach Resort. One of the best things about staying at thi resort is its closeness with the... More

Thai visa application centres in India are now 13 in number!

Until now, tourists intending to visit vương quốc của những nụ cười had no other option but khổng lồ leave their comfort zone and approach the thái lan visa application centres (VACs) in New Delhi or any other nearest cit... More





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