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Thanks, durval. I appreciate you taking the time. Based on what you"re saying, I think I"m misinterpreting the critics--taking them to be saying <…>

In my experience, GREs are generally a better predictor than transcripts, and transcripts are a better predictor than letters. On the other hand, there

I don"t understand this comment, or the hostility behind it. Many disabled philosophers enjoy in-person conferences, và don"t want them lớn (mostly) disappear, which is <…>

“Inclusion in what?” is a clever rhetorical pivot khổng lồ limit "inclusion" khổng lồ compatibility with knowledge-seeking. However, “inclusion” is a euphemism for the absence of oppression <…>

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I"m no expert by any means, but I think I understand why you"re puzzled.What "7" says is that Dunning/Kruger made a mistake (placing the same <…>

our universities, to the degree that they participate in the notion and ideals of liberal education, just as our liberal democracy, are places where opposition <…>

I worry quite a bit about "offending" having risen to such prominence today, that it can even be considered as a valid reason to curtail <…>

Prof Cullen"s comments as quoted sum it up for me. "Inclusion in what?" is the point. In these arguments, it seems to lớn me that inclusivity <…>

I"m not convinced that these three reasons show that we shouldn"t frame the issue, in part, as one of young people feeling offended and, as <…>

RE: 7 - I"m hoping someone can help me out. I read the article và I somewhat get the argument against the way Dunning/Kruger <…>

I am sorry -- I should not have said "you have never been on an admissions committee" as I have no grounds for knowing that.

Inclusion of the sort Professor Cullen mentions, it seems, isn’t achieved through mere invitation (consider, for example, an invitation to lớn seriously entertain the idea of <…>

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